Burning man 2001

I have very few photos for Burning Man 2001 because:

  1. I seem to have lost a couple of rolls
  2. I was chemically altered or recovering from same most of the time
  3. I was lazy
  4. I was having too much fun
  5. I hate to admit it, but I was sqeamish about taking my expensive equpment out there. The alkali dust permeates everything, and is murder on your photo gear.

I can come up with more excuses if you want.

The atmosphere at Burning Man tends to make me terribly irresponsible, as I live completely in the moment. That's great for fun and for achieving an alternate perspective on life, but isn't very conducive to thoughts like "I should get an artful record of this for posterity". Next year I promise to be more on top of things.


Fire Dancers




Building the temple



Scenes near Center Camp

Standing in line for ice


The bulletin board, a place to connect with like-minded Black Rock Citizens.


This thing was actually a musical instrument; hooked up to the organ, the pipes would blast out flame as they played different notes.



A very beautiful camp.



Inside Xara during the day. Note the dancing flower.

(I'm the one in the hat)


One of my neighbors




Me with my happy campers.


The night of the Burn. I'm the horny one.


Update: I found the missing rolls of film! Click here to see more photos.

Click here for photos of Burning Man 2000

Go to the official Burning Man site: burningman.org for more information.

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