Les Claypool’s Fancy Band

New Years’ Eve 2006


Les Claypool's Frog Brigade



NYE Frogout 2004


Photos from High Sierra Music Festival 2003


Photos from the NYE Frogout 2002


Photos from the 2002 Purple Onion tour


Eureka Municipal Auditorium, Eureka, CA 4/20/02


 Frog Out NYE 2001, The Fillmore, San Francisco


Family A-Faire, Arizona Beach, Oregon 6/16/01


 (Okay, it's not the Frog Brigade, but...)

Claypool's Bucket o' Bernie Brains, The Fillmore, SF 2-07-2002

Colonel Claypool's Bucket o' Bernie Brains, Slim's SF 9-13-02


Primus Tour de Fromage 2003


 Check out the offical Les Claypool site for all the goods:


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